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At Bibbaringa I want share my experience of developing the property and running a commercial cattle business under the principals of Holistic Management and Natural Sequence Farming.

I welcome people to see firsthand how I have applied these practices to build carbon and soil with minimal intervention. Just working with nature.

We can talk about natural farming and regenerative land management.
What you will see is ground cover, tree plantations strategically placed and slowing the flow of water through the landscape and getting the water out of the gullies back into the flood plain.

The Bibbaringa Shearers Quarters are available through Airbnb or direct.
Ideal for family groups artist residence (writer’s, painter’s, photographers). An ideal venue for small workshops.  Also suitable for a horse transit stop over.

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Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Carbon Farming and Holistic Management

Gill talks about how Bibbaringa has 100% ground cover improving carbon storage which in turn improves profitability.


Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Stay and enjoy Bibbaringa

Looking for a quiet, idyllic getaway - book the now renovated shearers quarters at Bibbaringa with 4 bedrooms accommodating for up to 7 guests. For more info and to book visit Airbnb.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Beef Cattle Production

Set up planned grazing programme with cattle to simplify cattle enterprises reduce costs and improve profits and life style.


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Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Delicious Magazine

Bibbaringa is featured in June 2020 edition of Delicious Magazine!

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Provenir & Mark LaBrooy from Provenir on Vimeo.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Fungus Workshop

Come & enjoy a day in the country and learn about fungi in a unique way...

  • Presenter Alison Pouliot, a natural historian and environmental photographer.
  • Learn how symbioses between plants, fungi and other organisms affect nature, conservation, landcare and farming.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included.

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Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Renewing a pastoral landscape

During the past 10 years, Gillian Sanbrook has planted over 70,000 trees, fenced gullies and creeks and tripled the number of paddocks on the 950ha property “Bibbaringa”, near Bowna, she purchased in 2007, transforming it into a more ecologically diverse place while lifting productivity according to the seasons.

“I wanted to plant 25 per cent of the property to trees, but now I intend to plant 30 per cent and run cattle as the primary production income,” she said.

When she purchased the property 2007 it was degraded, overgrazed, subject to rabbit invasion and covered in Patterson’s curse with serious gully erosion and during the millennia drought. Whenever there was a downpour, water and fertility poured off the slopes, so she aimed to slow the flow of rain that fell on “Bibbaringa”.