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At Bibbaringa I want share my experience of developing the property and running a commercial cattle business under the principals of Holistic Management and Natural Sequence Farming.

I welcome people to see firsthand how I have applied these practices to build carbon and soil with minimal intervention. Just working with nature.

We can talk about natural farming and regenerative land management.
What you will see is ground cover, tree plantations strategically placed and slowing the flow of water through the landscape and getting the water out of the gullies back into the flood plain.

The Bibbaringa Shearers Quarters are available through Airbnb or direct.
Ideal for family groups artist residence (writer’s, painter’s, photographers). An ideal venue for small workshops.  Also suitable for a horse transit stop over.

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Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Carbon Farming and Holistic Management

Gill talks about how Bibbaringa has 100% ground cover improving carbon storage which in turn improves profitability.


Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Stay and enjoy Bibbaringa

Looking for a quiet, idyllic getaway - book the now renovated shearers quarters at Bibbaringa with 4 bedrooms accommodating for up to 7 guests. For more info and to book visit Airbnb.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Beef Cattle Production

Set up planned grazing programme with cattle to simplify cattle enterprises reduce costs and improve profits and life style.


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Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Banking the Grass – why Gill sold the herd

In the very first of our 8 Families new blog, Gill Sanbrook has made the radical decision to sell all her cattle. As an experienced Holistic manager Gill had gone into Summer and Autumn with a grazing plan and as the season deteriorated it gave her all the signs she needed to make a seriously tough call. 

Gill: To off load cattle at any stage is a heart wrenching experience and it didn’t come easily. First I had to go through the decision making process, asking myself "are there any other options?” I can imagine that’s what you’re thinking – what about agistment, what about buying in hay?

But before I share all that thinking, here’s a brief history of my farm - Bibbaringa. It’s a 1,000ha property north east of Albury.  My family bought it in January 2007 during the millennium drought. At the time it was severely overstocked with cattle, sheep and 90 horses. The property was tired, dry and needed a good rest.